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Golden Morn

Golden Morn cereal brand (Golden Morn Millet and Golden Morn Maize) is a nutritious, delicious and filling cereal made from locally sourced whole grains. Golden Morn contains over 50% of whole grains in each pack and is fortified with essential nutrients such as vitamin A and iron.

Nestlé GOLDEN MORN Maize provides you with 

  • ENERGY for a great start to your day.
  • VITAMIN A To help provide good vision.
  • IRON To help in the formation of red blood cells (transport oxygen to the cells).
  • CALCIUM To help you have strong bones and teeth.
  • PROTEIN To help you grow and maintain your body.
  • DIETARY FIBRE To help you maintain a healthy digestive system

For a nourishing and tasty meal, this is how to serve: Scoop 5-6 tablespoons of Nestlé GOLDEN MORN Maize into a bowl. Add 200ml of warm milk (NIDO Fortified) and mix. Nestlé GOLDEN MORN Maize tastes so good, with or without sugar.

Nestlé GOLDEN MORN is available in 50g, 500g and 1kg sachets.

Golden Morn in CWAR

In 2015, more than 200 million Golden Morn servings were eaten by families in the Nigeria, boosting the consumption of whole grains. In the same year, we launched Milo Nutrifill in Ghana, a ready-to-eat cereal made primarily of whole grains. Made of maize, malt and cocoa, the cereal is rich in iron and a source of vitamins A, C and calcium to help boost children’s intake of vitamin and minerals. Read more here: