Assess and Address Human Rights Impact in Our Operations and Supply Chain

We keep our responsibility to respect human rights at the forefront of our business by continually reviewing and addressing the impact that our business activities have upon them. 

We have adapted our approach to local circumstances where we operate, ensuring that we raise awareness to our stakeholders, while respecting their rights. 

We aim to train our employees to reduce human rights risks in our operations. 

Our progress

Our global external audit programme CARE helps to verify all our operations comply with local legislation, the Nestlé Code of Business Conduct and the Nestlé Corporate Business Principles, including those relating to safety and health. 

The audits, carried out every three years, are performed by leading independent company Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). 

CARE audits aim to provide employees with efficient, safe and improved work sites and help to identify any workplace gaps. 

In 2015, no major gaps were found during these audits but we identified 39 minor gaps, specifically on human rights and labour practices, safety and health, and environmental sustainability. 

We are taking action to address these minor gaps by developing plans, monitoring third party practices and reviewing existing assessments. 

As a result of these audits, we have enhanced our monitoring of third party labour practices to ensure that they are compliant with local legal requirements and Nestlé policies.