Nescafé Hot Air Balloon Arrives in Côte d’Ivoire

Feb 22, 2012
NESCAFE Hot Air Balloon' Nescafé Hot Air Balloon:  The Hot Air Balloon expedition will be in Abidjan until February 26, 2012

The skyline of the Ivorian capital city, Abidjan, was on Tuesday transformed into red! Guess who’s coming to town? It is the Nescafé Hot Air Balloon (HAB)!

After successful tours in Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Mali and Ghana, it was the turn of Côte d’Ivoire to savour the HAB feast, igniting thousands of city dwellers in a celebration of the popular coffee brand, Nescafé.

The HAB expedition which will be in Abidjan until February 26, 2012, will enable Ivorians rejoice with Nescafé, recollecting how the brand has provided them with their favourite coffee over the ages, thereby promoting health.

The village Nescafé established for the HAB event will offer consumers a real pleasure and strong sensations through flights in a giant mug of 3000 m³ and a height of 25.42 meters.

All this week, in an atmosphere dominated by games, animations, big tombola and concerts with many artists performing, the public will relish the Nescafé experience, its culture and virtues.

If you want to part of this experience, then please join us in Abidjan!!!