Journalist receives Nestlé Prize for Nutrition Reporting | Nestlé

For the first time, an award for Nutrition Reporting was presented at the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence (DAME). Mr. Ololade Olatunji, Associate Editor of The Nation newspaper emerged winner. Now in its 27th year, DAME promotes and rewards excellence in journalism. The ‘Nestlé Prize for Nutrition Reporting’ has created an opportunity for nutrition writers to also be recognized and celebrated among their peers. Nestlé is also providing training opportunities for nutrition and health writers who participated in this year’s DAME.

The Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager for Nestlé Nigeria, Mrs. Victoria Uwadoka said, “We strongly believe that when provided with adequate information and training, the media plays a key role in raising awareness of key nutrition, health and wellness issues among stakeholders and the public. Armed with fact-based information, individuals and families are empowered to make healthier nutrition choices. In line therefore, with our purpose, which is enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future, we are collaborating with the Lagos Business School (LBS) to provide training opportunities for nutrition and health writers who participated in this year’s DAME. This will ensure that they are well equipped to fulfil their crucial role in helping to improve Nigeria’s health index.”

A panel of 17 judges comprising experts in journalism, academics, advertising, nutrition and other specialized professions selected nominees among the many entries received. The entries were evaluated based on their relevance to society, veracity, reach and the quality of writing.

Addressing nominees at the 27th DAME Awards, Mr. Idowu commended them for their good work, emphasizing that only the best of the best were nominated.

“Everyone here today is a winner. We are committed to creating a better and greater Nigeria through excellence. To be a DAME Ambassador is to be desirable, accomplished, majestic and excellent. We encourage you to be the best in your professions,” he said.

The winning entry by Mr. Ololade Olatunji, Associate Editor of The Nation newspaper, “Dangerous Meat, Toxic Water (1)”, “Dangerous Meat, Toxic Water (2), Deadly Meat in Abattoirs” gives a detailed status report on the abattoirs in major Nigerian cities and questions the safety of the meat processed in these facilities. Ololade is an eight-time winner of DAME awards across five different categories. Apollonia Adeyemi of New Telegraph’s entry, “Achieving Optimal Breastfeeding,” published on August 3, 2017 was first runner-up. Her article is an advisory on the best steps to take to ensure that babies receive adequate nutrition from breast milk. “Weight Loss Could Be Harmful” by Medinat Olere Kanabe of The Nation was the second runner-up. , Published on December 10, 2017, the story focuses on the potential challenges of ketogenic diet and the place of nutrition in weight loss.

First held in 1992, DAME is a not-for-profit trust established to enhance professionalism in the Nigerian media. In addition to the 27 uninterrupted annual awards presentations to date, it holds periodic trainings for media professionals.