Nestlé Mali and its partners commit to road safety for their employees.

To Press Releases listFeb 14, 2017

Nestlé Mali and its partners, Koumalim and SOMAKOFF, commit to road safety for their employees.

On Monday, February 13, Nestlé Mali and Koumalim officially launched the Nestlé road safety program for Koumalin and SOMAKOFF employees at their workplace. This ceremony took place at the Koumalin factory located in the industrial zone, in the presence of the representative of the Transportation Ministry, the National Director of Highway Safety, the Regional Director of Transportation and the Director of the Department of Civil Protection.

This road safety initiative falls within the framework of the "Nestlé Mali Commits"Program. It is an initiative taken by Nestlé to help reinforce the safety of its employees and those of its partners. With this initiative, Nestlé Mali is demonstrating that the safety of all its personnel - direct or indirect - is important and non-negotiable, and is an integral part of the way Nestlé wants to do business in Mali.

"This Program consists of reassuring us that our employees and those of our partners will wear helmets to help guarantee their safety on the roads," explained Mr. Fowang Wamba Richard Denis, General Business Manager of Nestlé Mali. "We have the same safety requirements at all of our sites (offices, warehouses, factories…)," he added.

"This initiative is a sub-regional program that began in Burkina Faso and may be extended to certain countries in our market,” explained Mr. Karim El Kasri, the General Manager of Nestlé Savanna (Burkina, Mali, Niger, Togo and Benin). "Road safety is part of a set of actions planned for our sub-regional market, in our program called "Nestlé Commits" which covers nutrition – health and wellbeing, and safety, as well as employment and entrepreneurship for young people," Mr. El Kasri added.

It is important to emphasize the pertinence of such an initiative in Mali, given the large number of two-wheeled vehicles and the number of accidents involving them (70% of the 1,503 accidents reported), oftentimes with serious head injuries.

Nestlé Mali wants to congratulate and thank its partner, Koumalim, for its commitment to such a program. This demonstrates the common commitment between its two companies to the safety, health and well-being of their employees.

The launch ceremony of "Nestlé Mali Commits" to road safety was achieved with the encouragement of the governmental and municipal structures that were present at this ceremony.