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Nestlé Burkina Faso commemorates International Youth Day in Kadiogo Province

young girtls at International Youth Day
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Nestlé Burkina Faso took part in the regional commemoration of International Youth Day in Kadiogo province, Burkina Faso.

The program initiated by the Provincial Directorate of Youth, Vocational Training and Employment, brought together 400 young people to share and learn under the theme, "Strengthening the employability of young people living in rural areas and combating insecurity in Burkina Faso".

Every year, thousands of young people join the labor market in Burkina Faso with the desire to be hired or start their own businesses.

During the celebration, young people received guidance that will help them approach entrepreneurial opportunities more optimistically. It is in this context that Nestlé Burkina presented its program called "My Own Business", a successful model for promoting entrepreneurship. This project has already reached more than 400 young people in Burkina Faso. The average income per young person under the program is 150,000 CFA francs per month. This project offers young people the opportunity to start their own businesses by becoming direct sellers or promoters within a network of Nescafé sellers. Young people are supported by Nestlé to be equipped with Nescafé materials and products. In addition, the project equips them with financial management skills, hygiene, and basic safety rules. This project is open to young people aged 18 and over who are dynamic and passionate about entrepreneurship, regardless their level of education.

Commenting on the program, Nestlé Burkina Faso's Managing Director, Sidiki Diawara, said, "Nestlé stands with young people who have decided to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. We provide them with adequate support in the form of materials and Nescafé products. We will guide them in the management of their small businesses."

"This Nestlé initiative complements other company-led activities such as coaching sessions to equip young people with key technical and behavioral skills. At these forums, young people get the chance to interact with employers, business leaders and benefit from the experiences of renowned personalities in the business world", Mamadou Koné, Director of Human Resources, Nestlé Burkina Faso.

More than 6,000 young people have already benefited from Nestlé's programs in the country in close collaboration with public and private institutions.