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Nestlé is supporting the first reality TV show exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurship in Francophone Africa

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Nestlé Burkina Faso announce its participation in the first reality TV show exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurship in Francophone Africa, called "Pépites d'entreprises". This initiative of the BF1 television channel will now benefit from the contribution of Nestlé experts.

For the past four years, "Pépites d'entreprises" has brought together hundreds of young people eager to venture into entrepreneurship. Over the course of 11 months, the program provides them with a diverse range of theoretical and practical experiences to prepare them for the world of entrepreneurship.

"This initiative has already proven its worth. The young participants often come in without a specific idea, and thanks to the "Pépites d'entreprises" journey, they come out with formally established businesses and products available on the market in Burkina Faso. We are delighted to collaborate with Nestlé, which has agreed to share its expertise with our young entrepreneurial candidates, many of whom have projects in the agri-food sector," said Youssouf Saré, director of BF1 TV.

In this edition, Nestlé is mobilizing its experts from Central and West Africa region, including those from its Sub-Saharan Africa Research Center. All participants in the program will have free access to Nestlé's global platform called the "Youth Entrepreneurship Platform - YEP". It is a digital platform designed for young innovators and entrepreneurs. They will be able to acquire new knowledge and skills, test their ideas, develop their businesses, and obtain entrepreneurship certificates. These sessions will be followed by an in-person workshop with the Nestlé teams.

The top candidates will benefit from mentoring sessions offered by Nestlé. Additionally, Nestlé will offer an immersion trip to its innovation accelerator center, based in its unique Sub-Saharan Africa Research and Development Center in Abidjan. Nestlé will also reward the best food initiative of this 2024 edition with a special prize.

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"This initiative is supported by our brand Nescafé, which believes in the potential of youth and encourages them to start strong and finish strong. Our goals in terms of youth employability align with those of the 'Pépites d'entreprises' program. Our ambition is to provide various economic opportunities for young people in Burkina Faso and the sub-region," stated Sidiki Diawara, General Manager of Nestlé Burkina.

"At Nestlé, we collaborate with startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers to drive innovation, bring good ideas to the market quickly, and provide nutritious, sustainable, and affordable products for a growing world population. We are thrilled to be part of this adventure," added Haile Tesfalidet, Director of Nestlé's Research Center in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Nestlé launched Nestlé Needs YOUth in 2013 with the objective of helping young people gain the skills they need to thrive in tomorrow's workplaces. This program has already benefited over 4 million young people across the three pillars of employability, agripreneurship, and entrepreneurship. Over 10 000 young people have benefited from this program in Burkina Faso.

About Nestlé in Burkina Faso: 
Nestlé believes in the power of good nutrition to improve the quality of life for everyone today and for future generations. Nestlé Burkina Faso is a subsidiary of Nestlé. Present in Burkina Faso since 2009, we contribute to creating value for consumers and communities.

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