Nestlé Cameroon committed to water and sustainable development |Nestlé

Douala, 19th March 2015 – As a prelude to the World Water Day celebration, Nestlé Cameroon opens its doors to Regional Delegation of Water and Energy for the Littoral region in order to discuss the importance and preservation of water, and to share its commitment to ensure efficient waste water treatment. 
Demographic growth, agglomeration and expansion always constitute a threat to natural resources, especially water resources. Access potable water, is a serious challenge in our environment today. According to WHO, humans need 50 to 100 liters of fresh water per day to satisfy daily essential needs and avoid health issues. But in 2013, 783 million people didn’t get access to drinking water.
Being the world’s leading company in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, we must ensure that our operations don’t impinge on the right to water of local communities, but provide drinking water and sanitation access to our partners, and improve sanitation in the communities that neighbour our factory. In Nestlé’s operations in Cameroon, we have scaled down our water consumption by 5% during the last five years. We have invested in factory equipment to ensure efficient waste water treatment. Moreover, our commitment to contribute to drinking water accessibility has been embodied by the installation of a free water distribution point at our production site which affords the neighboring community access to approximately 5,000 liters of water every day. 
“Nestlé’s presence in our community is really beneficial for us. It provides a solution to an essential need in our neighborhood. People used to walk many kilometers to find a potable water point, and had to pay to access it. Thanks to Nestlé, we can stock up on quality water in sufficient quantity for our homes and without any cost”, says Alphonse Ngansop, Community Leader of a neighboring community to our factory.
The delegation from the Ministry of Water and Energy for the Littoral region staff left with a good understanding of the measures that Nestlé Cameroon takes to enhance water efficiency and to ensure efficient waste water treatment. 
At the end of the visit, Fondo Numfor, regional departmental head of water said: “it is surprising to see the level of commitment of this company. If all the companies in the industrial sector could do the same, we would be a step ahead”.