Nestlé Ghana introduces new MILO® Nutrifill for breakfast | Nestlé

Whole grains are excellent sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and surveys show that diets around the world do not contain enough. To help tackle this problem, Nestlé Ghana is launching MILO® Nutrifill, a ready-to-eat cereal that is primarily made of whole grains. 

The new product, made of maize, malt and cocoa, is also rich in iron and a source of vitamins A, C and Calcium to help reduce the risk of under-nutrition, in particular among children. Child malnutrition is a concern in Ghana where iron deficiency is common. This can lead to serious health problems, as well as irreversible negative effects on the cognitive development of young children. 

Speaking at the launch, the Country Manager Mrs. Freda Y. Duplan said: “We want to encourage better nutrition at breakfast time. Research has demonstrated that breakfast supplies the body with essential nutrients necessary for brain function and can result in generally improved nutrition, providing important nutrients and helping children perform better in school”. 

The launch of MILO® Nutrifill is part of Nestlé’s commitments to provide families with nutritious and affordable foods and beverages. To ensure affordability of the product, it is available in single serve packs of 50g, in addition to 450g family pack size. 

Nestlé is also benefiting from rural farming communities in Ghana where it sources the grains that go into the product. The Nestlé Grains Quality Improvement Project ensures that the company has a long-term supply of safe and high quality maize by training farmers in good agricultural practices. 

This is part of Nestlé’s approach to business, which it calls ‘Creating Shared Value’. The company aims to create value for its shareholders while at the same time creating value for the communities it serves and in which it operates.