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Inspiring rising female leaders- Regina’s story

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Find something you are passionate about.

Dedicate time and effort to it. Be consistent and credible at everything you do!

What inspired Regina to pursue her dreams happened when she was 15, during an inspirational masterclass at school. Since then, she has relentlessly followed her passion and today she is an expert in the field of tax and legal advice across Africa. For the past 18 years, she has successfully assisted investors with investment strategies, tax structuring, mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing and general tax compliance.
With a desire to also give back to the young, Regina shares her experiences and her motivations here. Learn more about this inspiring and remarkable Cameroonian leader who is living proof of what happens when we embrace equity.

Can you share a memory from your youth which ignited passion for your area of work today? 

I attended a girls only secondary boarding school called Saker Baptist College Limbe, in Cameroon, with a reputation for creating and graduating hard-working successful women. To ensure this culture continued, alumni always came back to talk to students about their professional journeys. When I was 15 years old, I had the opportunity to speak to one of such alumni, an articulate and confident lady Judge who spoke very proudly of her law degree, how much it had built her character, and enabled her to make a difference in people’s lives. This encounter lit a fire in me; I had found my calling! I would study Law, build myself as a confident woman, and also make a difference just like her. 

Tell us what you remember about your first day on the job. 

My first day at my first job was in a Big Four Accounting Firm, where I was to start a role as a Tax and Legal Junior Consultant. I had very limited computer knowledge and even less knowledge in accounting. The Tax Partner took a look at my worried face and reassured me that I was there to learn everything from scratch and I would be OK. That was the encouragement I needed to pick up my laptop and find my desk. I felt as if I belonged and could thrive.

Can you tell us about a woman who has helped you?

While I have met several women who have helped me along my career and who still do, one person stands out; my maternal grandmother! She was a small, energetic woman, who though illiterate was full of wisdom. Whenever I did well at school, she would encourage me to work even harder. She always reminded me to work hard and prove myself so I could be an independent and fulfilled woman. She joked that if she was able to run a business while being illiterate, then I was capable of anything I put my mind to. That advice stayed with me through school, in my career, and even till this day. I credit her with building my self-confidence and encouraging me to always be the best version of myself.

What advice would you give to rising female leaders? 

I would advise all rising female leaders to find their support system and community. A support system is very important because unfortunately, sometimes we doubt ourselves. We need the right voices to remind us of who we are when we face these doubts. Find women and men who will encourage and cheer you on, the people who will always tell you the truth, even when it is hard to hear. 

How can women make their mark in the workplace?

Find something you are passionate about, dedicate time and effort to it. Be consistent and credible at everything you do in the workplace.