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Our Dairy Brands: NIDO | Nestlé

Nido Fortified

NIDO ® Fortified with FortiGrowadds great taste to your beverages, porridges, cereals, pastries etc. andis packed with High Quality Proteins, Vitamins C & D, Iron and Calcium.

Every glass of NIDO ® Fortifiedwith FortiGrowcontains;

       • High quality proteins which support strongmuscle growth in children.

       •Iron and vitamin C which facilitate developmentof learning abilities.

       •Calcium and vitamin D which helps build stronghealthy bones and teeth.

How to serve: Add 3 tablespoonsof NIDO FORTIGROW to a clean, warm or cold glass of water and stir. You canalso add NIDO ® fortified to your cereals, porridges and beverage.

NIDO ® Fortified with FortiGrowis available in different pack sizes suitable for any family size (365g,400g, 900g and 2500g)

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Nido Essentia

NIDO® Essentia is a nutritiousand nourishing powdered milk specially made for children. It has been fortifiedwith Iron and Vitamin C which facilitate the development of learning abilitiesin children. Add NIDO® Essentia to your cereals, porridges, and beverages andenjoy great taste and good health.

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