Promote Healthy Hydration as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

What you drink is as important to a healthy lifestyle as what you eat and how often you exercise. Plain water should be the preferred choice for daily hydration, as it doesn’t add any calories to the diet.

We believe healthy hydration habits start early in life. However, dehydration is a common problem, including among children, and even mild levels can affect mental and physical performance. We therefore aim to educate children and teachers about the benefits of healthy hydration.

Our progress

In 2016, we continued to deliver healthy hydration modules through the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme in Ghana. The modules aimed to raise awareness on proper hydration for children, the role of water in the body, the concept of water balance, signs and effects of dehydration and information about calories in beverages.

By 2018, we intend to introduce healthy hydration modules in all Nestlé Healthy Kids Programmes that currently run in the region.

In Nigeria, local schools are also benefiting from Nestlé Waters’ partnership with Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), a global water education programme. It aims to illustrate the importance of water in people’s lives, while providing a better understanding of the benefits of water for healthy hydration.

As part of the initiative, we are working with the Project WET Foundation, an international non-governmental organisation, to develop hydration-teaching modules aimed at raising awareness about the importance of proper hydration for children.

To date, we have trained over 8,411 students and 453 teachers in 140 schools in the Lagos, Ogun, Osun and Abaji regions.

We are also providing access to clean water around our factories and the local communities in which we operate.

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